Guiye Frayo

Guiye Frayo is an Indie two piece that started as such at the end of 2007. Originally it was a soloist project by Guillermo Martinez Ipucha. He had met Veronica Santillo in a previous band in which they played together, Guillermo decided to turn his soloist project into a band they formed Guiye Frayo.
In the begining of 2008 they moved to London, England.

Since 2007 the have released several EP under their own label G.A.M.I Records. They were broadcasted several times on the BBC Radio 6 (BBC Introducing) by Tom Robinson.

The song The Way I Like You from the EP TWILY, was featured in the app Magisto.

In Chuck & Danny's Road Trip, Episode 1, Season 1 the song Is Love a Cure? from the EP Electrified Brains was featured.

Our Music (Just a bit, more here Spotify)





Guiye Frayo @ A Bridge to Your Heart



Guiye Frayo @ A Magnetic Field Called Love



Guiye Frayo @ Balcony TV



Guiye Frayo @ Arcoiris en Un Ojo